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Vanderbilt Touring LSE Tires

Optimum All Season Performance Radial Tire Designed for Today's Luxury Passenger Vehicles.


  • Modern ventless asymmetric tread with dry and wet tread sectors and a solid center rib
  • Silica enhanced tread compound and technologically advanced engineering
  • Computer enhanced sound quality system
  • Variable Progressive Siping
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 80,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (T Rated Products) 60,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty (H&V Rated Products)


  • Provides year round performance capabilities, precision handling and cornering and premium showroom appeal
  • Promotes superior winter and wet traction performance and lower rolling resistance, enhancing fuel efficiency while supporting extended tread life
  • Optimizes tread pattern pitch sequence for ultra quiet ride
  • Provides extended all weather traction performance and improved worn appearance


  • Chamblee TireGA

    2429 chamblee Tucker Rd.

    404 602 0002

  • Duluth TireGA

    3622 Satellite Blvd.

    678 666 1335

  • Tucker TireGA

    4499 Hugh Howell Rd.

    404 602 0083

  • Marietta

    665 Whitlock Ave.

    770 426 4220

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