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We work hard to offer the lowest installed price! We will beat the internet online tire price when you include shipping, installation and balance charges.

Get a FREE LIFETIME TIRE SERVICES when you purchase a complete set of 4 tires within 1 year:

• FREE Lifetime Tire Inspection & Flat Repairs
• FREE Lifetime Rotation & Re-balance if needed
• FREE Lifetime Tubeless valve & TPMS inspection
• FREE Lifetime Alignment Check
• FREE 30 Days or 300 miles Ride & Price Guaranteed.
• Rebates, Promotions, and Coupons

TIREGA wants to be your one-stop shop for tires and complete car care. In fact, we can take care of just about everything automotive needs… Expert advice, repairs and maintenance services performed by certified technicians, and the area’s best selection of tires including the following:

Air Conditioning

Is it getting hot in here? It might be time to inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning. You should also be cautious of any odors or dripping noises from the unit.

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No one wants to be that guy whose battery dies in the middle of a busy street. TireGA encourages you to stay proactive and come to us to have your battery checked at least once a year, especially when encountering high heat or extreme cold!

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Belt & Hose Replacement

Everyone should understand the importance of a good belt, and TireGA suggests you inspect your belts at every oil change or every 3,000 miles. Because belts are necessary for the engine, AC, steering, and alternator, our trained TireGA technicians can repair or replace all belts from timing belts to serpentine belts!

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TireGA understands the importance of checking your brakes annually, before they can become dangerous.

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Be prepared! Come into TireGA to have your filters inspected and replaced before they become contaminated.

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Heating and Coolant

Is your car overheating? What’s that puddle under your vehicle? What is up with your defroster? TireGA maintains your coolant system to keep you, your passengers, your engine, and your radiator at a comfortable temperature.

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Oil Change Service

Oil changes are one of vehicles’ most popular maintenance services for a reason; your engine needs the lubrication to move smoothly and maximize its lifespan!

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Steering & Suspension

Do you feel your car has poor, uncomfortable handling? Steering and suspension services may weaken over time, leading to premature and uneven tire wear, bouncing, excessive noise over bumps, and a crooked steering wheel.

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Tire Installation

Ready for some new tires? Not only does TireGA provide great deals with low prices for high-quality, brand name tires, but we also do FREE next day delivery for online tires to ship to our local shops for installation.

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Tire Rotations

Come in to TireGA to regularly rotate your tires to distribute tire wear and promote longevity of your tires… or come in prematurely and buy new tires from us anyway!

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Transmission Repair

Have our technicians flush your transmission fluid to prevent wear of your transmission and promote longevity.

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Wheel Alignment

Remember that pothole the other day? Your wheels remember. If you can feel your vehicle drifting to one side, shaking, or have difficulty turning, then you may have misaligned wheels.

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