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General Tractor V.ply

Agricultural Bias tire with General Tire V.ply Technology Optimized for Tractor Wheels and Ideal for Moist Surfaces and Soft Soil.


  • V.ply Technology
  • Special shape of the lug in combination with the high land/sea ratio and the high tread depth
  • Very wide and flat lug base
  • Protection rib covering the rim flange
  • Upper sidewall bumper made out of tough cut resistant rubber


  • Combines the advantages of radial tires for handling, traction and rolling resistance with the robust capabilities of cross-ply tires
  • Provides even wear, long lifetime and a comfortable ride on road
  • Reducing the depth of the track under off-road conditions, gives more traction, lower fuel consumption and better self-cleaning properties
  • Leads to a better distribution of forces to the rim, no spinning between tire and rim and reduced risk of rim damage by impacts
  • Keeps the sidewall clean and reduces the risk of sidewall impacts by stubble and stones


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