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Continental Cseasy Sc20+ Tires

Solid Super Elastic Tires with Unique CSEasy Adaptor System That Can Be Fitted Without a Press for Material Handling Applications.


  • CS Easy adaptor system
  • New Plus Compound
  • Low heat development in the tire interior


  • Ensures a significantly more secure rim seating and simultaneously prevents the tires from twisting on the rim, as well as reducing heat buildup for a more durable tire
  • Up to 20% more mileage compared to the predecessor CSEasy SC20
  • Les to an excellently low rolling resistance


  • Chamblee TireGA

    2429 chamblee Tucker Rd.

    404 602 0002

  • Duluth TireGA

    3622 Satellite Blvd.

    678 666 1335

  • Tucker TireGA

    4499 Hugh Howell Rd.

    404 602 0083

  • Norcross TireGA

    4865 Jimmy Carter Blvd.

    770 925 3164

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